Chowder Frog

What Is Chowder Frog?

“In the age of information, ignorance is a choice.”

The name Chowder Frog comes from the idea that you can cook a frog in a pot of water if you turn up the heat slowly and incrementally. By the time the frog realizes something is wrong, the water is boiling and he dies without ever putting up a fight. It’s very analogous to what the globalists of the dubbed “New Word Order” have been doing to us for the past century with the poisons they put in our food, water, medicine, environment and minds. Luckily, there has been a huge increase in the amount of people who are waking up and resisting this tyranny. Knowledge is power, and that is why the valuable information that can be found on this site and others like it by fellow patriots has been aggressively suppressed by the government and the mainstream media they control. But thanks to real journalists and morally inclined whistleblowers, some information makes it out to the people. People like to discredit these sources, but if the government wasn’t so secretive about what’s going on behind the scenes there would be some public transparency as there should be. They work for us, not the other way around.

The mission of Chowder Frog is to raise awareness to the tyranny we’ve fallen victim to so that we can put an end to it before it’s too late. America is the greatest country on Earth, but it has been infiltrated by global banksters and their cronies. The hope is that by waking up to what’s happening Americans can be empowered to take a stand. And it all starts with the information; the truth. Only when the veil is lifted from our eyes can we finally admit to ourselves how bad things have gotten and how much worse they’re going to get if action isn’t taken. This website and its views are non-partisan and have no allegiance to any political party. Such an allegiance would be futile since it’s the handful of global banks pulling the strings and not freely elected officials. As the admin, I will always cross-reference information with multiple sources and fact check to the best of my abilities, and make updates to articles if need be. I love doing research! It’s like crack…

I know that this may appear like a website hellbent on entertaining conspiracy theories. But I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. I am a born skeptic and am only convinced of something if there is a sizable amount of evidence to back it up. Then it becomes conspiracy fact. I can feel it in my bones that something is terribly wrong in the world, and I know most of you do too. I have just reached a point where I can no longer ignore what’s happening. I’ve always know I was put here on this planet to help people on a grand scale through media. I just didn’t know how I was suppose to do it until very recently.

I do not think I have all of the answers. But, just like in a court room, we are all our own judges that determines what the truth is for ourselves. And like a judge in a courtroom, it’s a combination of evidence, testimony and, most importantly, our guts that govern our judgements. Keep that in mind everyday as new information is presented to you. I hope this websites serves you all well in your own search for truth. Enjoy!


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